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Welcome to Red’s Fresh Fish, the mobile fish market that brings you American caught fish. Your #1 fish market for the freshest, best tasting, locally caught fish delivered to your door. All fish are caught wild in the waters of Florida.


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Our current selection is Catfish, Tilapia, and Gar. Additional fish will be available in the future.

We guarantee no one will provide you with fish as affordable and fresh as us. Stop buying over-priced “previously frozen”, farm-raised, and other expensive fish. With us, you will receive the freshest fish you’ll ever taste at the most affordable price possible. We catch your fish as soon as your order comes in.

On occasion we will be roadside. All fish you see available roadside is caught that morning. Only the freshest for our customers.

Extra Services:
When you order whole fish for home delivery, we will clean (fillet) your fish and take away the remains for an additional $2/lb* at delivery.
*Weight of the whole fish, not fillet weight.

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We also have available exclusive health products that you won’t find in supermarkets. All American made and non-GMO. We also have exclusive non-GMO and organic Teas available. For more information and to place an order for our health products and teas, visit our partner site Red Conrad’s Wellness Alternatives. Our health products may be shipped throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Our teas are available to ship throughout USA and Canada.

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We’re registered with Sunbiz (State Division of Corporations) and licensed in the state of Florida.

[Our first site through Red’s personal site is being phased out. RedsFreshFish.ReverendDrRed.com now forwards you here. Until the phase out is complete, orders will still be accepted through our sub-site on Red’s personal site.]